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Printable plan to help you lay out our Giant’s Typewriter cross stitch kit when you’re ready to display it on the wall.



If you’ve completed one of our Typewriter kits and you want to display your masterpiece on the wall, you could be wondering how you’re going to get all those nail holes in the right place.  Well, fear not, we’ve done all the complicated maths for you* and you can download a free template to help you with the layout.

This template is designed to be printed on A0 size paper (we tried it on overlapping sheets of A4 to be printed at home but it became rather problematic).  Not many of us have got access to printers that can manage A0 but we got ours printed at what used to be called Staples, which is sadly no longer around, but a local print shop or a chain like Ryman or Mail Boxes Etc, should be able to help.  Ours cost just a few pounds to have printed.  Just download the pdf file and take it into the store on a USB stick.  Alternative options are companies that print sewing patterns, as these are also large format, for instance you could try The Fold Line.

The file has a horizontal line at the top to help you get the template level, each nail position is marked with a black dot and the appropriate key (numbers, letters and punctuation) is shown underneath the corresponding dot.  Please use the black dot for placement of the nail hole, not the text showing the letter or number.

To download, just click on the “Download Now” button and save the file to your computer.

When you’ve got your giant typewriter installed, we’d love to see a picture.  You could tag us on social media or send us an e-mail to  We hope you enjoy your new piece of artwork and are the envy of all your friends!

*it wasn’t all that complicated, but it was a bit dull


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