Stitch Tips

We will be adding more tips here so please come back and see us.

How to cross stitch

1. Find the centre of the pattern and see what colour the stitches are.

2. Find the floss in the right colour, remove one strand of the floss (there are six strands in each length).  Fold your floss in half and thread your end through the eye of the needle.

3. Find the centre of the Aida.

4. Starting at the centre back of the Aida, push the needle through a hole to the front (marked 1 on the diagram below), pull the needle through but leave your loop of thread at the back.  Take the needle back through a hole on a diagonal from where you have come through the Aida (marked 2).  On your first stitch only, take the needle through the loop of floss (this will secure it).  Pull until the stitch sits neatly on the front.

5. To form and ‘x’ bring the needle through the back of the Aida from the hole below where you started your first stitch (marked 3 above) and down through the front of the Aida diagonally opposite (marked 4).  You can choose to do one stitch at a time or a row of half stitches, turn around and come back.  There’s no right or wrong…

6. When you are ready to finish your floss neatly, thread your needle through several stitches on the back of the Aida and trim the end of the floss.

Coming soon – how to finish your coaster or hoop